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teresa-photo.jpg"I am passionate about empowering girls and other women to feel beloved, strong and unstoppable! I am passionate about empowering my fellow sisters to go out and fulfill their destiny! I believe we were all created for a unique purpose. If you don’t stand up and take your place in this world, you cheat us all out of enjoying your unique gift. We need your talents!

I realize that what we wear cannot increase our inner value, but sometimes when we put something wonderful on, it makes us feel beautiful, and it makes us feel special, beloved, cherished. That’s why I love creating unique handmade  jewelry. Wearing it makes me feel strong, elegant and inspired, especially during a rough day. That’s what I pray my jewelry does for you! Take that feeling of uniqueness and let it strengthen you, let it empower you and let it make you feel unstoppable!"

About Teresa

Teresa is a retired News Anchor/Reporter with over 20 years of experience covering stories across the United States for all the major networks, including ABC, CBS and NBC. Throughout her career, she earned a reputation of honesty and integrity.

Teresa takes that same quality of excellence and pours it into each piece she designs in her studio near Houston, Texas. Therefore, TR Designs uses only quality materials ,and when you shop with us, you’ll find plenty of semi-precious and freshwater pearl jewelry. We also utilize Swarovski crystals from Austria, 925 sterling silver and 14k gold-filled metals.

Teresa jokes that she took an early retirement from the News because she grew tired of chasing hurricanes. She says, "Now, I get to work from home and chase my own two 'little hurricanes' around the house. Life is good."


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