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What Jewelry Works Best with Your Skin Tone? Part 3

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If you want to find the most flattering semi-precious jewelry, you need to know your skin’s undertones!

The undertones of your skin are key when you want to pick out jewelry, clothes and accessories that flatter you the most. In our latest blog series, we went over several tests that will help you determine the undertones in your skin, so if you haven’t read them yet, now is the time! Once you figure out what the undertones in your skin are, you can use them to pick out the perfect semi-precious jewelry for you. In our last two blogs, we talked about jewelry that flatters people with warmer undertones and cooler undertones in their skin. Today, we will be talking about jewelry for neutral skin tones.

What is a neutral skin tone and what jewelry will flatter it?

Not everyone has cooler or warmer undertones in their skin. If this sounds like you, then your skin tone is probably neutral. People with neutral skin tones are incredibly lucky because practically every metal and gemstone will flatter them. So, if you have a neutral skin tone, experiment with different kinds of jewelry to figure out what looks best on you!

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