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What Jewelry Works Best with Your Skin Tone? Part 2

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Knowing your skin’s undertones can help you find the perfect freshwater pearl jewelry for you!

If you’ve ever wondered which color would look better on you, then it’s time for you to figure out what the undertones in your skin are. Not only can this knowledge help you find the most flattering freshwater pearl jewelry, but it can help you find the perfect clothes and accessories as well. If you haven’t determined what your skin’s undertones are yet, click here. In our last blog, we went over jewelry that flatters people with warmer undertones in their skin. Keep reading to learn what jewelry flatters people with cooler undertones.

You have cooler undertones in your skin.

If you have cooler undertones in your skin, then metals that are whiter or lighter in color will flatter you the most. These metals include silver, platinum and white gold. In addition to these metals, you should also look for colorful gemstones. You’ll look best with blue, pink, purple, green or white gemstones. Keep in mind that these are just general rules for finding pieces that flatter you, so don’t discount your own personal preference when buying jewelry!

Although we’ve gone over the best jewelry options for warmer and cooler skin tones, some people have a skin tone that doesn’t quite fit into either of these categories. This is called a neutral skin tone, and in our next blog, we’ll be going over the best jewelry options for women with neutral skin tones, so make sure that you stay tuned!