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How to Protect Your Jewelry During a Move Part 2

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When moving, don’t leave your jewelry’s fate up to chance!

Whether your jewelry collection consists of sterling silver, gold, diamond or freshwater pearl jewelry, it is safe to say that your jewelry is near and dear to your heart. Regardless of how much it is actually worth, jewelry often has sentimental value attached to it, and this sentimental value makes protecting your jewelry during your move incredibly important. In our last blog, we started giving you tips for protecting your jewelry during your move. Here are a few more helpful tips for safely moving your jewelry:

#4. Store your jewelry when you are working.

Many women leave their jewelry on constantly. Although jewelry was made to be worn, it can be over-worn. You should always remove your jewelry before doing anything strenuous or active, but it is especially important during a move. Don’t let a rogue box damage your favorite ring! Remove your jewelry before you do any heavy lifting.

#5. Pack pieces separately.

Even if you are just planning on storing your jewelry instead of actually moving it, you should still avoid unceremoniously dumping it into a box. Storing your jewelry together makes it vulnerable to scratches, chips and other damage. Instead, store each piece individually so that the pieces won’t rub against one another.

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